T I L L D A R K -- s h o r t



PREMIERE Montclair Film Festival 2015

SUMMARY Christian, an introverted teen, plans to spend Halloween night with his two childhood best friends: Lucy, the object of his longtime obsession, and Ty, the charismatic clown of their trio. Christian's hopeful visions of romance are threatened as the evening progresses and he slowly discovers Ty and Lucy have developed a rapport that he is no longer a part of. His jealousy grows increasingly obvious to Ty, who makes no effort to hide their new relationship--but when the night takes a drastic turn for the worse, it becomes unclear who the true villain is.



Will Denton -- Christian

Ian Colletti -- Ty

Natalia Dyer -- Lucy



WRITER/DIR Quinn Shephard

PRODUCERS Laurie Shephard, Nikolai Vanyo, Quinn Shephard

CINE Aaron Kovalchik

AD Andrew Sherwood

SCORE Erik DeLong

SOUND MIX Ian Sorrentino

EDITORS Nikolai Vanyo, Quinn Shephard